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April 7, 2017 by loganbrowning

What is Racism?

Racism in my eyes is treating someone different because of the color of there skin or there beliefs. No one should be treated different because of there color or beliefs. In my heart everyone is made the same, we all have the same amount of body parts when we were born. We are all made equally in my heart. Racism is such a big thing in our environment nowadays, there is always something on the news about racism.

I can’t breathe

One big act of racism was a protest called ” I can’t breathe ” this hit a lot of people hard and even NBA teams made warm up shirts that said it. This happened with a black man and 2 white cops. Im sure you have heard of it because it was all over the news. The black man saw people fighting and he went to break it up, the cops said he was selling stuff to people and he did not do anything but mind his business after breaking up the fight. They then proceed and touch him and ends up choking him until he said he could not breathe. He ended up going into a seizure after the fact. He did nothing wrong and they thought he did because of the color of his skin. Our community is so bad about racism it needs to stop and we all need to come together somehow.

Kobe Bryant and his team mates wearing the ” I can’t¬†breathe ” T-shirts

Michael Brown

There was another protest movement called ” Michael Brown “. This was a younger black kid walking home in the night and a cop spotted him and automatically thought of something bad because of his skin color. The officer had told him to get on the sidewalk and Michael told him they were nothing but a minute away from his house. The officer then sped up and pulled in front of him aggressively opening his door hitting Michael with it then pressed his head against the concrete saying he would shoot Michael was moving and the officer pulled the trigger and he was dead. Its just so hurtful to see that this is what our society is now. Not all of white cops are bad there are stories of the cops going to black families homes to help them with food if they didn’t have any money for it.

A picture of Michael Brown

Aside all of the cops and those things there is a big protest currently right now. The election of our president Donald Trump has set many people off of all types of ways. Many people did not want Trump winning the election because of his racist comments and slurs. Trump made many racist comments and slurs throughout his campaign which makes him look bad during then. On the day of his election there was a big protest in downtown Washington D.C. People were breaking store windows and setting cars and things on fire. There was a video i had seen on Facebook where three older black men had jumped an elderly man because he voted for Trump. I know people get mad about things like that but using violence is not the key especially to old people. There is racism everywhere and  everyone has been racist at least one time in their lives. Protesting can be a good way to get your word out but burning things and beating up people is taking it to far. We all need to get along and just come together as one.

People protesting in Washington D.C


  1. Miss W. says:

    A very well thought out post on a terrible world wide issue. We are all one race – the human race no matter our skin colour or beliefs.

  2. deondrayd says:

    I really liked your post you did a good job at giving background information and telling about major events that took place. There is a lot of protesting going on and I think its a good way to express how you are feeling, but the message isn’t as clear when it’s clouded by violence. You should come read my blog

  3. beki says:

    Wow, I love that you really thought out your topic and gave great examples. One question I have for you is what why did you choose this issue for your post?

  4. Shelby says:

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    my blog:

  5. malr says:

    I am not a racial minority but I agree fully with this. Racism is unfair and not logical in any way. Stereotyping a person for their skin color or religion is crazy. this should never have existed and in a perfect world no one would care.

  6. lizbetha says:

    I really enjoyed your post. It’s is a worldwide problem. I liked the protest ” I can’t breath” because kobe was part of it. My Blog:

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